“Behavioral issues are usually the ones that are upsetting the family, the problems that add stress and confusion to the household.”
What is the difference between training and behavioural issues?
Training is the term used for teaching a dog words such as sit, down, stay and come.

Behavioral issues are the ones that are upsetting the family and add stress and confusion to the household. It may be separation anxiety, adult house soiling or aggression towards people or dogs.

When seeking a behaviourist for your dog, it is important to find someone with extensive experience, and who has taken behavioral courses and seminars from a variety of sources.

The person that we recommend is Joan Weston, MA Ed., IAABC-CBC. Joan is one of the GTA’s most sought after Behavior Consultants and the owner of Fangs But No Fangs. She works with all types of behavioral problems from the simple to the complex. Whether it’s aggression, anxiety, or anything in between, she can help. Joan never turns a dog away because of breed or temperament. Even when you don’t love your dog’s behavior, Joan knows that you still love your dog.

Joan proudly follows the L.I.M.A. (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive) Protocol of behavior modification. This means that she uses scientifically proven techniques that both you and your dog will feel good about. She does not support the use of shock collars, choke chains, or anything that causes harm.

To book a Behavioural Consultation, please go to her website at k9shrink.ca or email her direct at info@k9shrink.ca.

If you are unsure if you have a behavioural or a training need, please feel free to email us at info@whoswalkingwho.ca to discuss.
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“She has numerous certificates in dog behavior and attends every continuing education seminar possible, to keep current on all dog related issues.”
About Joan
Joan has numerous certificates in dog behavior and continues to research scientific findings in canine behavior. She also attends professional development seminars to stay current in her knowledge and understanding of dogs and behavioral psychology.

Joan is the developer and creator of The ITREAT Protocol, a unique integrated program for the intake, assessment, training, and placement of shelter dogs.

Joan is involved in the bulldog and pug rescue in Ontario. She has trained many of her dogs to become certified as Hearing Assistance Service Dogs, where they meet rigorous standards of public and specialized assistance behavior. Her dogs also train in competitive obedience, conformation, flyball, agility and disc. She has performed numerous times with the SuperDogs and Woofjocks Canine All-Stars.

Joan also serves as an expert witness in various dog-related court cases in Toronto and is the primary referral consultant for several dog schools, rescue organizations, vet clinics, and trainers. She is also a published author in the Dogs in Canada magazine.

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