“Behavioral issues are usually the ones that are upsetting the family, the problems that add stress and confusion to the household.”
What is the difference between training and behavioural issues?
Training is the term used for teaching a dog words such as sit, down, stay and come. Training is often done in group settings and lets face it, dogs who don't sit when asked are rarely considered a liability. Behavioral issues are usually the ones that are upsetting the family, the problems that add stress and confusion to the household. This can be separation anxiety, adult house soiling and even aggression towards people or dogs. It is important to understand that behaviourists have a different job than trainers and while some can do both, it is more common to find trainers who are great at what they do, but don't have the expertise and experience needed for canine behavioural problems. When seeking a behaviourist for your dog, it is important to find someone with extensive experience, and who has taken behavioral courses and seminars from a variety of sources.

At WWW we are fortunate to have a resident behaviourist on staff - Joan Weston. She spends her days working out the kinks in family pets who are disrupting their family and does it all with a smile on her face. Joan works under the same philosophy as all the Who's Walking Who team...respect for the dogs, education for the owners.

Behavioral consults are available in your home for dogs with behavioral issues that are beyond what is covered in a group training class.

Your dog will be assessed and a plan of action will be provided. Follow up email questions are included.
The cost is $119.50 per hour (plus HST) with a 2 hour minimum = total $270.00 (2 hours including HST). There will be a travel fee applied if you live outside Toronto. Between $45 and $60 return, for most locations outside Toronto.

To book a consult (or if you are unsure if you need one, and need more info), please email us all your details to info@whoswalkingwho.ca One of our trainers will call or email you to discuss your case within 2 - 4 business days. Thanks. [Back to top]

“She has numerous certificates in dog behavior and attends every continuing education seminar possible, to keep current on all dog related issues.”
About Joan
Joan Weston, born and raised in New York City, grew up with dogs all her life. After receiving her Bachelors of Science Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, she came to Toronto to pursue graduate research in Motor Learning and Sport Psychology, areas that would form the foundation for her career in training and behavior. She is currently completing her Masters degree in education, and is a professor at Durham College where she teaches Animal Behavior, as well as courses in Animal Ethics and Legislation, and Communication.

She currently serves as one of our Behavioral Consultants. She assists owners in all areas of training and behavior, and specializes in aggression and anxiety disorders. Joan has numerous certificates in dog behavior and continues to research scientific findings in canine behavior and to attend professional development seminars to stay current in her knowledge and understanding of dogs and behavioral psychology.

When she is not working for Who’s Walking Who, she is kept busy with her own dogs in a variety of dog activities. She has trained her dogs to become certified as Hearing Assistance Service Dogs, where they meet rigorous standards of public and specialized assistance behavior. Her dogs also train in competitive obedience, conformation, flyball, agility and disc, proving that bulldogs can keep up with the big dogs and have fun at the same time.

Joan enjoys performing with the Woofjocks Canine All-Stars with PotRoast, a local legend, whose on stage antics make audiences laugh all across Ontario. She helps with bulldog rescue in Ontario and is the referred behavioral consultant for a number of rescue organizations and veterinary clinics. On a personal note, Joan was the first overall pick to the U.S. National Women’s Hockey Team in 1987. She also received the Bronze “T” from U of T, also for Women’s Hockey, and continues to enjoy playing goalie as the only woman in her league. Joan lives in Caledonia with her wife, Jamie, where they are taught life lessons by their bulldogs, and their cats, who are really annoyed with the whole situation.
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