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Important Things to Know

  • All our classes are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise posted.
  • Classes are held once a week on the same day and time each week.
  • Classes are not held on statutory holidays, or on the weekend of a statutory holiday. They will resume the following week.
  • Our classes are designed for adult learners. Students must be a minimum 16 years of age.
  • Due to our new Safety Protocols, only 1 person may accompany the dog but adult family members may alternate who comes with the dog each week.
  • We use positive marker-based reward training methods. No punishment or aversive methods are allowed in class. Prong (pinch), choke or shock collars are not allowed on the premises.
  • NO REFUND POLICY - Once payment has been submitted for your course or seminar, there are no refunds or credits. There are no refunds or credits if you drop out class or miss any classes.
  • Due to restricted class size, you will not be able to make-up any missed lessons or switch to another class.
  • If your dog is ill on a class day, please come to the school without your dog, to watch the lesson. This will enable you to continue with the lessons at home during the week.
  • If your dog is unable to come back to class due to illness or injury, please send a vet note and a courtesy credit will be issued towards a future class(es).
  • Please do not register for a class if you have concerns about your dog’s temperament or behaviour. Instead email us at with your concerns.
  • If the trainer determines that your dog is not comfortable in a group class, you will not be allowed to continue. The office will issue a full refund and provide other options to help you and your dog.
  • If you suspect a class may be postponed due to weather, please check the ticker tape on our website 2 hours prior to your class start time. We will normally continue the course the following week. In which case your course will finish 1 week later. In the rare case we may have to reschedule to a different day. We do not offer any refunds if you are unable to attend the make-up session or additional week.
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