Here's what you'll need to be prepared for Lesson 1.


Dogs can be on a buckle collar, head halter, harness (prefer those with ring in the front). We do not allow the use of choke chains, prong (pinch) collars, shock or bark collars in or on our facilities.

A regular 6 foot nylon or leather leash. Not those that are retractable, slip or bungee type leads.

We recommend that you do not feed your dog or give them part of their meal before class. Put the rest of their food into a treat pouch together with lots of tasty treats to reward them with during training.

If you don’t have a treat pouch, wear clothing with baggy pockets to hold your reward mixture. We do sell treat pouches at the school.

You will need to bring your dog's bed, elevated bed, or mat to every class. Also bring water and a bowl as we do not provide a communal bowl for health reasons.


Our classes are designed for adult learners. We allow 2 people per dog to attend class, however, only one person will be allowed to work with the dog for the entire lesson. The other person will be directed to a sitting area where they can watch the class. Please note, that attendees must be over the age of twelve (12) to observe the class, and over the age of sixteen (16) to participate. Those observing must remain quiet and in their seats until class is over. This is to provide a less distracting environment and a more positive training experience for both the student and the dog. Our core classes include videos for all of the exercises we do each week so your family can watch the videos and practice at home with your dog.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class and toilet your dog outside on the grassy area. Then head up to class 5 minutes before your lesson is scheduled to start.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME as your dog needs time to settle in. It is also very disruptive for the other dogs when people arrive after class has started.


The Trainer will show you where you will be working with your dog during class. The floor has been taped off. Please stay within your assigned boundary unless otherwise indicated by the trainer.

Dogs will not be permitted to interact with other dogs in our facility. This helps them to learn to focus on their owner and not other distractions.

Your class will be 45 minutes in length. When the class is finished please leave the building quickly as another class will be entering shortly after yours.


Please be aware that we do not accept cash. Products can only be purchased by Debit, Credit Card, Google or Apple Pay.


You will be sent an Added Info email on the day your class is scheduled to start. The Added Info email contains a link to the videos or an e-booklet for the exercises we cover each week. Should you miss a lesson, you will not be able to make it up in another class. Please refer to that lesson in your videos or e-book and work with your dog at home during the week. This will get you caught up for the next lesson.