We use science based positive reward and games based concept training methods in order to achieve real life results.

Here are some emails and reviews from our clients. Please feel free to leave us a Google Review.
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Robyn Shields
Google Review
We did quite a bit of research on puppy obedience classes before we decided on Who's Walking Who. The ratings obviously caught our eye but when I read Lynda's bio, which details her experience at Golden Rescue and the fact that she has three golden retrievers, I knew this was the place for our golden retriever puppy. We have taken two courses (Family Dog and Practical Living) so far, and both were definitely worthwhile even though it was an hour drive each way to the classes in Ajax. We were impressed with how effective Lynda's teaching methods are and how quickly our puppy was able to pick it up. She provides videos prior to the start of each course that demonstrate the anticipated lessons. These exercises are super easy to follow so not being able to practice at home is no excuse! Lynda is attentive to each pet/owner and is always available to answer questions whether it is by email, by phone or staying after class. She also offers personalized advice to each owner as no one dog is the same. Overall, a great experience and highly recommended. Needless to say, we can't wait to take the next class!
Michelle Gasarotto
Thank you so much Lynda for the great experience that I recently had with my puppy Teddy at Who's Walking Who. I found both you and Jeanne to be very thorough, patient, and very knowledgeable. I loved building my relationship and trust with Teddy, while having fun together through games. The fact that there are weekly lesson videos to watch is a wonderful bonus and I found myself frequently going back to watch them. For anyone looking for a wonderful, positive experience training their dog, I recommend 100% training at Who's Walking Who - it will surpass all expectations with your dog training!
Candice Notman
Hi Lynda,

I just thought I would send a quick note about the class that Carly just completed on Saturday, Nov 5th. Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to all the trainers. It was a fun class and the there was lots of great advice and tips from everyone.

Candace Notman
November 11, 2022

Hi Lynda, Tabi & Lesly

I just wanted to reach out to let you know that because of Lesly's most excellent guidance, Astra passed all 3 SDDA fun match tests this past weekend.

We've done containers and exterior searches only at WWW. Not only did Astra pass ALL THREE TESTS, she also came in first place out of 30 dogs approx. 13 seconds on an interior search which time limit is 5 minutes.

So thankful that we have such a great instructor and I am very grateful that WWW offers these classes.

Dianna & Astra
Tara Phillips
Google Review
I've only taken the puppy class so far but I like that there are 2 instructors in each class of 6. They are always positive and give great advice when you have difficulties. I feel very safe in terms of COVID because each person stays in a distanced marked square and wears a mask.
The Miller Family
Thank-you Lynda – we have enjoyed the training videos – the lessons have been clear and very informative! And Lesly is an AMAZING Trainer/Instructor – she is encouraging, positive, caring, and clearly enjoys her role. We are so thankful for the support and training at “Whos Walking Who” – Finley has responded well to the lessons.
Good morning, Tabi!
It was honestly such a pleasure and delight working with you! You gave us such great guidance and have started us on the right foot to help Ahsoka grow into a great dog.  Thank you so much.  I hope we get another class with you soon!
Anastasia Sky
Google Review
We are loving our training classes. I chose this school because they offer a wide variety of classes, in addition to basic obedience. I have been pleasantly surprised by just how well positive reinforcement works. The classes are fast-paced, and we are learning a lot and having a lot of fun. Thank you!
Mary Sheldon
Thank you! It was such a great class, and I'm so proud of how far she's (Bansky) come. Y'all are dog magicians, so thank you for all of your help.
Tabi, I thank you very much for teaching me the tips to get through the classes with Riley. He has done 2 of out of the 4 Walk This Way classes without barking. We will see how he does for Scent Detection but for me those 2 Walk This Way classes without barking was a huge win compared to how he was before I did those personal training with you. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping out.
Larraine Baldsing
Google Review
This is a great training facility for you dog. I have gone to three classes with my dog and he is the best. The teachers are so great and hands on. If your dog isn’t getting something the will come over and help you out. They offer a lot of different types of classes.
Amber V.
Google Review
We took our 10 week old corgi here for her first puppy training classes. It helped us so much and we have these classes to thank for our girl growing up well trained and socialized :) We also attended the family dog classes which were great. Never stop training!
Michel Stewart
Google Review
Amazing and friendly trainers.
Instagram Review
Graduation day at @whoswalkingwhodtc. Bittersweet feeling. Didn't want to say bye to Tabi, best trainer (and treat queen) ever! So worth it!
F. Vulpe
Google Review
Awesome trainers. Helpful when I had an "emergency" -- puppy biting! -- and learned everything I needed to know. Took the puppy and advanced classes. The socialization checklist was absolutely the BEST thing. Worth the cost of the class by itself. I share it with every puppy owner I come across that is struggling, and there are a lot of them. Thanks!
We just finished private classes with Tabi. She was SO wonderful! Very helpful, positive and encouraging. We all really enjoyed the classes.
Beth and Teddy

Jane Johansen
Google Review
Highly recommend to anyone with a puppy or senior dog. Training is professional, trainers are genuine, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Wish I’d been sooner.
Darlah Potechin Talemaker
The very best dog training ever. If you have a dog young or old, this is the place to go for training!
Lisabeth Fisher

I just wanted to drop this email to you to let you know what a fantastic day that I had along with my chocolate lab Molly taking the Pet First Aid course on March 22nd in Ajax. Lynda Kitson did the course and I was so shocked to see all the updates & changes made to this course since the last time I took it back in 2012 with Lynda. The course is fantastic and should be mandatory for anyone with a pet or working in the various pet field, whether it is dog walker, doggie daycare, groomer etc. The information and the confidence that Lynda provides to you in amazing.

Please let everyone at Who's Walking Who know that both Lynda and the Pet First Aid are phenomenal and I loved it.
Thank you. We’ve enjoyed all our classes so far and look forward to doing tricks in the winter. Every time we see a dog who needs a little “work” I’ve been recommending Who’s Walking Who as I do feel as though we’ve learned a lot. 
Thanks again!
Dan McKee
Google Review
Excellent program for training your dog.
John & Maureen

Hope you are all well this holiday season. I am writing to share a happy story based on taking the first aid course. Yesterday I picked up and walked a 13year old English Cocker Spaniel named "Finnigan". What a great name, anyway as I watched him he was continually smacking his lips and swallowing, he then threw up a huge amount of food covered in copious amounts of white foam (probably saliva from his stomach)", the lip smacking continued and his stomach began to harden, yes you guessed it BLOAT. due to the freshness in my mind from the video during the course, I called his owner, had her call their vet and got Finnigan there immediately. Yes we were right BLOAT. Dog is doing fine and came home today, you just never know what can happen. Thought I would share this happy ending story and a big thanks to both of you for suggesting this course. The X-Rays came back showing his stomach so full of gas the vet couldn't believe his eyes. We are eternally grateful for being able to save this dog's life and a very happy owner so close to Christmas.
Sue B
Yet another tip of my hat to Who's Walking Who!

This time it is from the Rehab vet that is helping my "geriatric" little pup try to regain some strength in his aging back end.

She is very impressed with his willingness to step onto, and maneuver around obstacles...and she's surprised that at his age, he seems to really enjoy it as well. I can't be 100% sure -- but I'm going to give some credit the "puppy agility" class we did over a decade ago, and even the "focus first" class for this. Yet another good reason to join your classes!
Sue & Mojo Byford

Good evening Who's Walking Who. My dog and I attended your classes back in 2008/2009.

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you paired the hand signals with voice commands with basics like "sit", "stay", "come" etc. My puppy is now approaching 14 years old, and he is almost deaf. The hand signals have been a life saver!! Thank you!!

Tamara Gibson
Google Review
We have done a bunch of classes here and we always have a great time and learn so much.
AJ DeMarco
Google Review
Great puppy classes. Will be going back for more advanced classes soon.
Google Review
Amazing trainers, great facility. Have gone to and will continue to sign up and attend classes!
Ardie RR
Google Review
Great place to train your dog. Knowledgeable staff.
Terry Snyder
Google Review
Friendly and informative.
Louis Liu
Google Review
Whoswalkingwho is a very good puppy trainer!!!

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