Who's News Welcome to a Brand New Year!
January 2024

We've been a little tardy in our issuing of newsletters and our New Year's resolution is to do better! With that in mind, in this issue we talk about the history of dog training and how it has evolved over the years.

You'll also learn about a brand new program to help dogs be their best possible selves, for as long as possible!

We're also holding ourselves accountable. Find out how you can help us ensure we are delivering the best training experience to our students.

We hope you enjoy and feel free to share!

Who's News July 2023
July 2023

With Summer in full swing, this month's article is going to cover a topic that many people run into on a regular basis, especially now that the warm weather is upon us. The dreaded off leash dog.

This article is entitled "It's Ok, my dog is friendly!"

We hope you enjoy, & feel free to share!

Who's News June 2022
June 2022

Welcome to our very first Newsletter! I have been writing articles for Golden Rescue's newsletter for a few years and thought, why not share this information with our students?

A new issue will be released every 2 to 3 months and rather than email it, as you already get enough email, we'll post it here where you can access it (as well as back issues) whenever you like. Our newsletter will include training insights, program deep dives, new things we're working on, events and other exciting news.

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share!

Who's News August 2022
August 2022

We've had an exciting summer at out brand new outdoor facility and have we got news for you!

In this issue is an article that will help you understand why "Training is simple, but it's not easy". We're also adding some brand new programs to both our Ajax and Beaches locations!

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share!

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