Important Things to Know

  • All our classes are 45-50 minutes in length unless otherwise posted.
  • All classes are held once a week (the same day and time each week that you registered for).
  • No classes are held on statutory holidays, or the weekend of a stat holiday. They will resume the following week.
  • Beginner classes have a ratio of one instructor for every 4-5 dogs.
  • Please take note of the prerequisites needed for each class.
  • We do use marker based training methods, with reward VS no reward theory. No punishment or aversive used.
  • At the beginning of our beginner courses, you will receive E notes on the lesson with homework information. For more advanced classes, we suggest making notes after class, as various details will be given per dog.
  • All dogs will receive a Certificate of Completion based on attendance and participation for most classes.
  • We do ask that any young people under the age of 13 please be spectators only. We would love to have them come and watch, and would encourage them to do so. For more info on this topic, please refer to our Articles page (Kids teaching Kids).
  • Sometimes, due to the fact we live in Canada, our classes have to be postponed due to nasty weather (snow/sleet/ice), or even the prediction of nasty weather. Our policy is that if the trainers can get to school, our students can get to school. We will normally hold classes, and only postpone in dire circumstance.
  • If you suspect a class may be postponed, please check the ticker tape on our home page one hour prior to your class start time. It is up to you to keep apprised of the situation. Please do not assume a class has been cancelled (or not cancelled). Normally we will continue the course on the following week, and in the rare case we may have to reschedule to a different day. We do not have any refunds if you are unable to attend the make-up session.
  • Once you have enrolled in your course, we reserve that space for you and your dog. Once you have that space reserved, we will not be able to give it to anyone else. If you have to drop out of class, we have a no refund / no class switch policy. In case of a dog illness, please send us a vet note and we will issue a courtesy client credit, which can be used towards another course. A $45.00 admin fee will apply to anyone that cancels their registration 3 days before the start of class.
  • A service charge for any NSF cheques will be charged at $25.00.
  • If your dog is ill on a class day, please come to the school without your dog, to watch the lesson. This will enable you to continue with the lessons at home during the week.
  • If you do miss a class, please come to the lesson 15 min early the following week. We will do our best to give you a catch up lesson. We will expect you to have read the booklet provided, and have done the homework as listed, to not fall behind.
  • We are assuming your dog is friendly and we do ask that you check "yes" to that question on your registration. Please do not register for a class if you have concerns about temperament. We do have info on dogs with issues on our Behavioural Consultation page. If your dog causes damage or is deemed that his temperament is unsuitable for class, he will be dismissed with no refund given.
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Once you have been confirmed that you are in the class, please take the time to read all the details below, as it is important for Lesson One.
Please note: Workshops and Seminars information is listed at the bottom of this page.


1) Dogs can be on a buckle collar / head halter / harness (prefer no-pull harness). We proudly teach without choke chains, prong (pinch) collars or shock collars and do not allow the use of them in our buildings.

2) A regular 6 foot nylon or leather leash, not retractable, slip or bungee type. Available at our Ajax and Kingston road classes with limited selection.

3) Semi-moist treats are best. We do carry appropriate treats at our training centres.

4) Waist pouch to hold treats. It is far easier to have a waist bag that holds your dog training items such as treats, clicker (if used) and extra pick up bags. We do have waist bags available at each of our locations.


Class attendance is important. If you miss a class, please call. You can then follow along in your class workbook and see us at the beginning of the following class for a few tips.


It is best for most dog’s to exercise before classes (don’t overdo it!) You may choose to give your dog a smaller meal or biscuit before class and feed him later on, just for his class night.


Comfort is a must. Running shoes are ideal (high heels are tricky). You may find many of your dog's classmates jumping and having fun during the class, so casual pants are also suggested. **Please bring an extra pair of dry shoes to wear in the training hall during the winter, or inclement weather. We do not allow outdoor boots to be worn in the training halls. Thanks.


Our classes are designed to teach you how to teach your dog. With this in mind, it is best to have a maximum of 2 family members work with the dog during a class. It is important that both handlers know the lessons. Please do not send in a handler in your absense that has not been in attendance at the lessons. Some exceptions apply, so please feel free to contact our office to discuss. We do ask that any young people under the age of 13 please be spectators only for the classes. We would love to have them come and watch, and would encourage them to do so. If you have teens over 13 years of age that want to participate, we will also ask that the adult also works with the pup for part of the class, so we can help both of you understand the lesson.

Kids training kids is not always the best combo. If you have a very keen and dedicated pre-teen, please feel free to discuss this policy with your instructor. A second adult should accompany very young children and no minor person under 18 years of age are to be dropped off alone.

Intermediate classes and Sports require that the handler/dog team be consistent (only one handler should be involved), as many of the exerices are handler skills that require practice.


Please be responsible for you own dog, both inside and outside of our training building.


We will be happy to help you choose the training equipment that is right for you and your dog (collar, no-pull harness, head halter). If you are unsure as to what training equipment would suit you and your dog, please wait until you join us on lesson #1 and we will be happy to assist. Most of the equipment is available at our locations for a reduced cost.


We will ask you to come and settle in before your class starts. Coming 10 - 15 minutes early is perfect. For classes held at our Parliament Street location, it can get a bit crowded in the retail area of Urbandog, so it is best to judge your timing accordingly. Thanks.

We will ask that you wait until the class before yours is finished before entering our training hall. Please come directly into your class 10 minutes before your start time and socialize your dog…and yourselves!


You can check the details (address, parking, entrance way) by clicking onto "locations" at the top of this page.


If you think your class might be cancelled in the winter due to a storm, please view the ticker tape on our home page 1 hour prior to class start time. Do not assume it will (or wont) be cancelled, always check. Most of the time, class will be held.


Please read the above for general details and information.


As much as we would love to meet your dogs, these are people-only seminars. A notebook and pen might be handy.

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