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Classes will be postponed on any stat holidays or the weekends of a stat holiday, and resume the following week.

Courses and Schedules

COURSE NAME: Mutts In Motion

Circuit training for the dog? Yes! Fun and educational for dogs, and their people.
Each week will present 4 unique stations, working on a variety of skills needed to navigate under/over/through and around.

Wobble-boards, barrels, balance balls and boards, tiny teeters, and puzzle games will be used, all with an emphasis on keeping bodies and minds active, and improving dog/handler relationship. Each week will be a combo of new pieces, along with the opportunity to work on some of the previous weeks challenges.

It is perfect for all dog-friendly dogs of all sizes and ages, from puppy to senior. Come and join the fun!

COURSE FEE:  219.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  Prerequisite: Must have completed our Family Dog Beginners class (or equivalent group obedience class) and be friendly and social with dogs and people.

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Select Jan 22, 2020 Wednesdays at 8:00 pm889 Westney Road, Ajax2 min south of Hwy 401 (2nd floor)Amanda  
Select Mar 4, 2020 Wednesdays at 8:00 pm (no class Mar 18)889 Westney Road, Ajax2 min south of Hwy 401 (2nd floor)Amanda Note: No class Mar 18. Class resumes the following week.

COURSE NAME: Trickier Tricks

Ready to try some Trickier Tricks? If you've completed our Tricks are for Dogs, then your ready to move on to Trickier Tricks!
These tricks will help develop your dogs co-ordination, challenge their brain, and amaze your friends. In this course we work on 16 new tricks including knee and foot taps, ring the buzzer, shy dog, find it, say thanks and more.
Great for all dogs of all ages, especially seniors. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

COURSE FEE:  147.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  Prerequisite - You must have completed our Tricks are for Dogs class. Some of the new tricks build on the tricks that that were taught in Tricks are for Dogs.
No dates at this time. If interested, please email us.

COURSE NAME: Canine Good Neighbor Prep Course

The CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOR test is a 12 part evaluation used by CKC and other organizations, prior to dogs going into therapy work, or as an indicator of a solid temperament. It will prepare you for each of the exercises. Even if you don't plan on doing the test or therapy work, this class is the next level after our Intermediate class.
This course consists of putting basic obedience into highly distracting exercises,
plus, greeting "strangers" and other dogs politely, accepting grooming and examination, door etiquette and making sure the dogs feel comfortable being out of your sight and more.
The test is done by evaluators at random times around the GTA. Dates and locations can be found by searching on line.

COURSE FEE:  219.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed Practical Living Intermediate within a year prior.
Select Feb 21, 2020 Fridays at 7:00 pm889 Westney Road, Ajax2 min south of Hwy 401 (2nd floor)Lynda  

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