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Classes will be postponed on any stat holidays or the weekends of a stat holiday, and resume the following week.

Courses and Schedules

COURSE NAME: Puppy Household Manners

Similar in content to our Puppy Points Seminar, but geared towards your individual puppy. The ideal way to get off on the right foot with your new pup and prevent problems before they occur. For those who wish one-on-one instruction, or whose schedule does not permit the attendance at a seminar. This session will focus on a schedule to suit your family and to sort out puppy problems such as house soiling, separation anxiety, excessive nipping and barking.

This visit is for puppies under 6 months of age and is done by trainers Denise Joyce and Gillian Ridgeway. (travel fees may apply). Their bio's can be found on Our Pack page. Pricing does include any applicable taxes. If they are exhibiting similar issues and are over 6 months of age, please go to the Behavioral Consultation page for details.

COURSE FEE:  155.00 (+ taxes)

COURSE LENGTH:  1.5 hours

COURSE NOTES:  Please email or call our office for details on booking an appointment. Thanks.

COURSE NAME: Behavioural Consultation

Available in your home for dogs over the age of 6 months with behavioral issues such as adult house soiling, minor aggression, separation anxiety etc.
Your dog will be assessed and a plan of action will be provided. Follow up email questions are included.
Our behaviour experts hold certificates in Behavioural theory from Guelph and attend continuing education seminars.

COURSE FEE:  270.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  All the details for behavioral work can be found on our website. PLEASE CLICK ONTO BEHAVIOUR PAGE FIRST FOR DETAILS. Please email or call our office for details on booking an appointment or to discuss your dog. Thanks.

COURSE NAME: One on One Private Instruction

We do recommend attending a group class, for the social aspect however one on one obedience lessons can be good for those that work shift work.

Training a skill such as sit/down/heel/come/stand etc, is different than behavioral issues. With our one-on-one instruction, you and your dog will work together with a personal trainer. The skills taught in private obedience lessons are the same as the skills taught in our group classes, but they are done privatley at our Ajax location only.

We can teach more than one dog per family at the same session, and a 25% charge per additional dog will apply for the same time frame.

For issues (in dogs over 6 months of age) such as separation anxiety, problematic behaviours, aggression, adult housetraining and most problematic behaviors, please click onto our Behavior page for the details incl cost.

We also offer in-home Puppy Household Manners visits for pups under 6 months of age, to deal with house training, nipping etc. $155 including applicable tax, for 1.5 hours.

You may need 1-2 lessons only, to work on a specific skill. The cost within a 20 min radius of one of our 3 locations is $110.00 per hour including any applicable tax, with a 1 hour minimum. Outside that radius, a travel fee will apply.

We don't offer ongoing private obedience lessons in Toronto. We suggest group class enrollment.

For info on this service or to send an appointment request, please email our office at info@whoswalkingwho.ca and let us know your main areas of concern, and your general availability (days, evenings).

COURSE FEE:  0.00 (+ taxes)


COURSE NOTES:  For appointments done indoors at our Ajax location, cost is: $95 per hour; $75 per 45 minutes; $55 per 30 minutes plus applicable tax. Not available at our Toronto locations.

COURSE NAME: Phone / Email Consult

Of course, our office staff is available on the phones for your questions, however sometimes you require or simply want, more time. Phone & email consults are perfect for those that require an extended conversation and assistance from a skilled trainer. This service is also great for those that live out of town, where training assistance is less available.

Call us for info on dog/puppy selection, training issues, behavioural issues and advice etc.

Leave a message and our office will contact you to set up a mutual agreeable time. This service is payable in advance by visa or m/c and our office will take care of these details.

Additional charge of $40 per 30 minutes will be applied.

COURSE FEE:  60.00 (+ taxes)

COURSE LENGTH:  per half hour

COURSE NOTES:  Your consult will be done by a skilled trainer or behavioural expert.

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