Schedules: Are You Game?

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Game On!

Do you struggle with your dog when outside? Then this class is for you! Over the next 6 weeks we’re going to share with you the games and strategies that will help reshape your dog’s brain, so they make better decisions. Like not chasing that pesky squirrel, resisting picking up stuff while out on walks or going crazy when they see another dog!

This course is all done through games-based concept training and you can play these games with any age and breed of dog. The best thing is that they are fun and adaptable to the individual dog! Our program is built on the games developed by Absolute Dogs in the UK.

So how does this all work? The games work on concepts such as impulse control, calmness, disengagement from the environment, engagement with you, proximity (hanging out with you), focus, working in arousal (when they’re excited), bringing their arousal level down, and much more. We'll also share with how and why the games work to produce real-life results.

Spectators are allowed to observe, but they must remain outside of the fenced training area. Please feel free to bring a chair.

Prerequisite: Dogs must be friendly around other dogs.

Course Fee: $231.00 (+ taxes)     Length: 6 weeks

Select Aug 24, 2022 Wednesdays at 6:30 pm pickering View Locations 3270 Hwy 7 (West of Lakeridge Rd) View Locations Lynda & Debbie1 Spot Left
Select Aug 24, 2022 Wednesdays at 7:30 pm pickering View Locations 3270 Hwy 7 (West of Lakeridge Rd) View Locations Lynda & DebbieREGISTRATION CLOSED

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