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Freestyle - Thriller

Its time to celebrate Michael Jackson with this favorite classic. This class is a combination of obedience and tricks set to music and done to a choreographed Zombie routine.

This class is done off leash so it's important that your dog is able to stay with you while working off leash. A short tab leash may be used.

We will learn all the tricks and motions for this routine such as, Pinwheel, Push-Ups, Figure 8, Knee, Cap, Pivot, Reverse Heel, Weave Walk, Middle On The Move. Also included is our Thriller Freestyle E-Booklet.

This is the perfect way to build a solid bond with your dog, while having fun.

Thriller is only offered once a year in September, just in time for Trick or Treat!
So don't miss out!

Prerequisite: Family Dog Basics or equivalent group obedience class taken elsewhere.

Course Fee: $154.00 (+ taxes)     Length: 4 weeks

Select Sep 12, 2022 Mondays at 6:00 pm ajax View Locations 889 Westney Road South, Ajax View Locations Lynda 

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