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Treibball - Level 1

Treibball (pronounced try-ball) is the hottest new dog sport that’s great for dogs of all ages and sizes. If your dog loves to play chase games, loves to herd or needs a job to do, this is a fun positive way to channel that energy!

Treibball can be thought of as a combination of traditional herding and canine soccer. The object of the game is for the dog to drive 8 fitness balls into a goal within a ten minute period. This is done with the handler remaining stationary and directing the dog from the goal line.

In Intro to Treibball level 1, your dog will learn the foundation skills needed to play the game. This includes basic cues, body positioning, movements and beginning ball handling skills.

Prerequisite: Family Dog Beginners or equivalent group obedience class taken elsewhere.

Course Fee: $225.00 (+ taxes)     Length: 6 weeks

Select Jan 11, 2022 Tuesdays at 8:00 pm. ajax View Locations 889 Westney Road South, Ajax View Locations Tabi & Lynda 

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