Schedules: Private Training

* Classes will be postponed on any stat holidays or the weekends of a stat holiday, and resume the following week.

4-Pack Custom Designed Program

Once the specific needs or struggles are determined, a customized 4-week program will be developed to address the issues at hand, along with the desired outcomes of the training.

The training may include both games-based concept training as well as positive reward-based training. The lessons are run over a 4-week period and are 45 minutes in length. They are held at the same day and time each week.

Prerequisite: None

Course Fee: $350.00 (+ taxes)     Length: 4 Weeks

Notes: If you miss or have to cancel a lesson, there is an additional charge to make it up. This is only available at our Ajax location. Family members are allowed to attend the lessons.

No dates at this time. If interested, please email us.

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