The safety of our students and trainers is paramount...

1. All of our Trainers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

2. All classes are limited to 6 dogs. Please note: When the video was created we started with 4 dogs but have since increased the maximum number of dogs to 6. There are 2 trainers per class.

3. Please maintain proper social distancing between other students while in class.

4. Everyone is required to wear a face mask as our trainers cannot socially distance when providing 1 on 1 coaching with our students.

5. Only 1 person is allowed to attend with your dog. Adult family members can alternate who comes with your dog each week. This allows us to provide superior 1 on 1 coaching. We offer Private classes at our Ajax location for those who would like their family to attend.

6. Our core classes include videos for all of the exercises we do each week so your family can watch the videos and practice at home with your dog.

7. We ask that you sanitize your hands before entering the training room.

8. The trainers will show you the area where you will be working with your dog during class. The floor has been taped off. Please stay within your assigned boundary unless otherwise indicated by the trainer.

9. If you are ill, do not come to class. If the trainer is concerned that you may be ill, for the safety of our trainers and other students, you will not be allowed to participate and will be asked to leave.

10. The video is of our Ajax location and also applies to our Beaches location.

It is a good idea to take a moment and read the Important Things to Know portion of our website for other important information.