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37 Parliament St. Toronto

Mindy Yuan

It all started with a suggestion made when Mindy picked up her new Italian Greyhound (IG) puppy, Phoebe, from her breeder: “Why don’t you try agility with Phoebe?” Little did the pair know that this suggestion would send them on an amazing journey. Mindy first came to Who's Walking Who in 2006 as a client with puppy Phoebe in tow. The pair soon caught the training bug taking as many classes as they possibly could. When Phoebe started beginner agility, Mindy started as an assistant trainer, at our Parliament location. Since then, Mindy moved on to become our Head Agility Instructor, with a following of dedicated students, who love her well rounded training style.

Mindy also shares her life with IG Wally, who is now retired from the conformation show ring, but not before earning his Canadian Champion and American Grand Champion titles. Phoebe has since retired from a stellar agility career earning multiple agility titles including her ATChC, MSCDC and Expert Jumpers Bronze. She placed second in her division at the 2014 AAC Ontario Regionals and Competed at the 2014 AAC Nationals Competition. Mindy’s newest addition is Zoë, an enthusiastic Border Collie puppy who hopes to follow in big sister Phoebe’s footsteps. Expect to see Zoë make her agility debut in the summer/fall of 2018.

Denise Joyce

After finishing her studies at the University of Toronto, Denise decided to turn her passion into her full time profession, dedicating herself to working with dogs and their guardians. In 2000, she opened her own pet sitting, training and behavioural consultation business with a focus on holistic care and positive leadership. Denise has worked with animal advocacy groups lobbying for responsible dog ownership, and has assisted rescue organizations in an effort to keep dogs in their forever homes.

Denise worked as a Head Trainer for several full service organizations before joining the WWW team in 2010. She has a reputation as a knowledgeable, caring and professional trainer using humane and positive techniques, which makes her a perfect fit for Who's Walking Who. Denise has appeared on Breakfast Television, City Line and Animal House Calls. She has also been featured in the Globe and Mail and Bloor West Snap. Denise shares her life with her partner and son and of course...her wonderful dogs; Jasper and Peanut.

Anette Mageau

Anette's association with WWW started 20 years ago when she took puppy and obedience classes with her Black Lab, Bella, and, then in 2012, when it was time to train her new fur baby, Lexie, a Border Collie mix, she remembered how much she enjoyed WWW and started all over again with puppy class. Lexie and Anette have taken almost every class that is offered, and never stop learning something new together.

In November, 2013, Anette added Blue, an Australian Shepherd/Corgie, to the family. Training in Anette's house is a family affair, as her son has become a clicker-master when training Blue and Lexie. When she isn't spending time with her pups, Anette can usually be found with a camera in hand or at her day job as a pharmaceutical marketer.

Jana Seymour

Jana has been involved with Who’s Walking Who since 2009. It was her Jack Russell Terriers Fez Marie and Ashburn Annie that introduced her to the wonderful world of dog training. Jana normally jumps in with both feet, this resulted in participating with Jack Russell Rescue, and being the past President of the Jack Russell Club. Soon after, Jana once again jumped in to assist dog training classes. Her family currently live with Jack Russell Terriers Fonzi and Brush. They are now starting their learning journey to compete in Rally-O, Disc, Agility and performing with The WoofJocks Canine All-Star Performance Team.

When not managing her teens, Audrey and Abigail, she tries to find time to enjoying running and cooking. Jana is dedicated to her own lifelong learning and that of others. She has been employed in the federal civil service for 20 years in the area of Performance and Learning consulting. Jana’s motto is LIFE is too short not to have FUN.

Kate Gartley

Kate is mom (and foster mom) to the "zoo". More than half of Kate's pets are rescued. In the beginning Kate and her pack took every possible course with Who’s Walking Who, and she enjoyed herself so much that she joined our team in November of 2002 and can be found assisting in every level of class.

When not training Kate runs (, a canine massage and pet care services company which has combined her 20 years of pet knowledge and passion into one unique business. In her spare time Kate runs Dog - Ma Pet Rescue (, a small Toronto based rescue, helping out dogs, cats and small critters in need. For fun the "zoo" can be found participating in various dog sport activities such as Agility, Disc dog (frisbee) and Dock Diving. Two of her dogs, Little Alex and Tonks, have qualified multiple times for the Skyhoundz Worlds Disc Dog Championships down in Chattanooga, Tennessee and competed at The Worlds qualifier in Disc. They, along with the rest of her clan, can also be seen wowing the crowds, performing across Canada and the United States with The SuperDogs. What's next?!

Nicole Ridout

Nicole first came to Who’s Walking Who with her Miniature Schnauzer puppy Blackie in 2009. After taking Puppy Preschool & Family Dog, Nicole sensed that Blackie would be a future agility star. A few years later they started Agility at Parliament, and they have been taking classes there ever since. Nicole is currently competing with Blackie at the AAC Advanced level, and attended her first AAC Ontario Regionals this year where Blackie placed 6th in his class. Future goals include achieving Blackie’s ATChC title and qualifying for the AAC Nationals next year. In 2016, Nicole joined the Who’s Walking Who team as an assistant trainer. She hopes to share her agility experience and encourage more people to have fun with their pups.

By day Nicole is a Marketing Coordinator at a Toronto real estate company. When She’s not competing, Nicole enjoys hiking and spending time with family & friends (usually watching sports, GO JAYS!). When he’s not competing, Blackie enjoys outsmarting Nicole every chance he gets.

Peter Taylor

Peter took the leap to add a dog to his family, especially as while growing up it was his dream to share his time with a dog. In comes Luna! Luna is a lab/collie/foxhound rescue that was added to Peters family in 2014. He started on his training journey immediatley, taking Family Dog, Practical Living (multiple times because Luna loved it!), Total Recall, and Sport Prep Unleashed. Luna also has her certificate for the Canine Good Neighbor test, passing with flying colours! Their goal is to get into the sport of Agility. Peter came aboard to assist classes with the WWW team in 2014 and soon became a client favorite.

On their long hikes together, Luna loves to play with other dogs especially those that are either bigger or slower than her, so she can get play her favorite came of "chase me". Pete and Luna enjoy cottage life whenever possible, with Luna often finding swamps to roll in or critters to investigate. Peter works in building operations, and given his 14 years of construction experience, can be found doing his home renovation projects on the weekends. His other love is playing Disc, but not with Luna...yet! [Back to top]
975 Kingston Road Toronto

Rob Goddard

Rob joined Who’s Walking Who in 2007. Rob’s life has always been filled with animals, from dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses. In 2003, shortly after seeing an Agility trial. The challenge to train his miniature dachshund, Milo, was launched and Rob has enjoyed every minute of it. Rob was delighted with the use of marker based training and realized how quickly he could teach and motivate Milo. Rob's love of this breed led him to join rescue volunteers and to add Layla, a chocolate dapple dachshund, to his family.

Rob and his gang have done pet therapy work in his hometown of Markham and have made numerous appearances on TVO kids, BreakFast TV, Animal Housecalls, Zoink’d, and the Surreal Gourmet. His dogs have also performed with the SuperDogs and the Woofjocks Canine Allstars. He was a founding director of a rescue support charity - "Helping Homeless Pets" and built a website to help lost pets to get home, called

Lesly Taylor

Lesly has been with Who's Walking Who since 2008. She has been working in the dog training field since 2007 when she signed up for the Total Recall class at our Parliament location with her rescue dog Rex. She was hooked! She started as a class assistant and is now an instructor at the Kingston Road location. Before she discovered dog training, she spent over 20 years training, riding and showing horses.

She shares her home with her two rescue dogs Sinclair, a Pomeranian, and Red a Chihuahua Corgi mix. While Sinclair is semi-retired due to health issues, Red and Lesly compete in scent detection through two organizations - the Sporting Detection Dogs Association and the Canadian Kennel Club. Red recently achieved her SDDA Championship, as well as her Novice and Open CKC titles.

Jana Seymour

Jana has been involved with Who’s Walking Who since 2009. It was her Jack Russell Terriers Fez Marie and Ashburn Annie that introduced her to the wonderful world of dog training. Jana normally jumps in with both feet, this resulted in participating with Jack Russell Rescue, and being the past President of the Jack Russell Club. Soon after, Jana once again jumped in to assist dog training classes. Her family currently live with Jack Russell Terriers Fonzi and Brush. They are now starting their learning journey to compete in Rally-O, Disc, Agility and performing with The WoofJocks Canine All-Star Performance Team.

When not managing her teens, Audrey and Abigail, she tries to find time to enjoying running and cooking. Jana is dedicated to her own lifelong learning and that of others. She has been employed in the federal civil service for 20 years in the area of Performance and Learning consulting. Jana’s motto is LIFE is too short not to have FUN.

Susan Jim

Susan didn't grow up with dogs, but that was just the push she needed to get educated when her dog Kenzie became part of her family a few years ago. Susan looked for dog training classes that were focused on positive training methodologies and found just that at Who's Walking Who. She was hooked immediately and went to every class WWW had to offer. At that point, Susan knew that getting involved with helping others get the same out of their pets was for her, and now enjoys helping people realize the full potential of their pets and find their own "ah-ha" moments. She has been assisting classes since 2009.

At this time, Susan is inbetween dogs, but this gives her ample opportunity to walk/sit for friends dogs. Training with Kenzie and going through the process of Agility and Tricks hooked Susan on dog training! She is also involved in Pawsitively Pets For Kids camps, where she works with children and rescue dogs, focusing on education and socializing. It is one of the great joys in her life, seeing dogs progess and become intregal to their families. In her other life, Susan is an elementary school teacher whose hobbies include singing, long road trips and creating music.

Lisa Ann Meawasige-Kertesz

Lisa joined the WWW team in October 2011. She was introduced to WWW in 2001 when her and husband Mark got their first dog Kelso, a forever young Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Kelso's WWW education started at the tender age of 10 weeks. His parents attended the Puppy Points Seminar prior to getting Kelso. They feel strongly that this one seminar started them in the right direction towards a strong and trusting relationship with Kelso. He is often the subject of budding photographer Mark's photos.

As her second career, Lisa is pursuing her passion for the culinary arts and hopes to realize her dream of owning a restaurant. In addition to cooking and entertaining, Lisa's passions include music, traveling, astronomy, interior design and poker. Maybe one day she will have homemade doggie treats available!

Angela Sokol

In 2002, Angela started dog training lessons at Who's Walking Who with Skylar, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. These classes eventually led to the start of a wonderful journey into dog sports, ultimately taking Angela and Skylar twice to the Canadian Agility Nationals, and Skylar receiving his ATCh and his Gold award of Merit. She now shares her home with her Tollers Logan, now retired from Agility and Westley, who is currently enjoying his Agility journey by taking classes and competing. This ensures that the house will always be filled with the sounds of the infamous "Toller Scream" any time a woodland creature dares to wander by.

After over 40 years as a Registered Nurse, Angela is now winding down to retirement. She is looking forward to having more time for dog training and volunteering. She also enjoys fitness, weight training and Pilates. Angela has been assisting with classes since 2014, and loves the opportunity to help others find the joy and fun in their relationships with their dogs. [Back to top]
889 Westney Road Ajax

Gillian Ridgeway

Gillian Ridgeway, the founder of Who’s Walking Who, began her canine training career in 1972 as a dog training apprentice in Orangeville. After graduating as an Animal Health Technician in 1985, her love of dog training continued, and she founded Who’s Walking Who in 1989 in the Beach neighborhood. Who’s Walking Who then opened a second location in Ajax in 1999 and a third location at Park9 Urban Dog Playcare & Resorts in the Distillery District of downtown Toronto in 2004.

A founding member of both the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and International Positive Dog Trainers Association, Gillian believed that education combined with experience was the key to helping clients teach, and manage, their dogs. This involvement ensured that she remained up to date on all current training issues and she has been the key speaker for The Veterinarian Association, The Veterinary Techicians Association and the CAPPDT. She has a tell-it-like-it-is style and is the go to trainer for media and celebrities alike. Her media savvy is evident and she has been featured on most TV networks and has frequently been a national spokesperson for well-known canine products. As a writer, she had a monthly column in Dogs In Canada for over 9 years, and penned the much loved "Citizen Canine" book (now out of print). Her experience in the canine world is second to none.

She currently lives with her Border Terrier London in Ajax, Ontario. And in her spare time? She hosts many SuperDogs shows across Ontario! Along with teaching classes and presenting seminars at Who's Walking Who, Gillian is available for in home Puppy Manners visits in Durham area. Her complete bio can be seen at

Kristi Magi

Kristi came to classes at Who’s Walking Who in 1995. She started training her beloved Shetland Sheepdog, Misty, and enjoyed herself so much that she never left. In September of 1996, Kristi came on board as an assistant and very quickly moved up the ranks to instructor. The sport of Competitive Obedience caught her fancy and Kristi could often be seen at trials. Kristi’s favorite activity is getting the dogs out for a game of frisbee and you can often see her setting up agility equipment in her backyard for some practice time.

Kristi shares a full household with her beloved companions, Ripley, her Sheltie, and Penny, a very active Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Her hobbies include camping, canoeing and kayaking, working in the garden and photography. If you are up early enough, you will catch her on the way to the gym for her daily workout.
Kristi is one of the instructors in Ajax and her easygoing style is a delight to students. You will often see Kristi surrounded by a group of puppies. She spends her days part time as a Vet Assistant at an animal hospital.
Kristi shares her life with Carey and Erin, her two teenage daughters. You will often find them doling out the treats for tricks. Her experience with juggling family life, work, two cats, a couple of fish, a gecko and one very patient husband, helps her to understand the challenges faced by her students.

Hilda Kelly

Hilda's shared ownership of an automotive service and repair facility with spouse Liam certainly keeps her on her toes! Keltech Performance, located in the heart of Markham Village, is dedicated to comprehensive Porsche service but also proudly extends its expertise to Mercedes Benz and BMW, along with several British marques including Jaguar. The rest of Hilda's life revolves around dogs, a love affair that began at the age of six when a German Shepherd puppy joined her family. Hilda became more involved in formal dog training when a zany Boxer named Oscar came into her life. Hilda and Oscar shared a unique bond and they learned very much from each other over the years. Hilda's current canine pack consists of a handsome Boston Terrier named Beckham and a boisterous Boxer named Keegan.

Hilda is an advocate of adoption and is active in the dog rescue community. She is a founding member of the K9-Rescue Me organization, a past director of Boxer Rescue Ontario, a former member of the St. John's Ambulance Dog Therapy Program and a proud supporter of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. Hilda dabbles in a variety of dog sports and activities such as Agility and holds titles in Rally-Obedience. She has also made appearances on dog performance teams SuperDogs and Woofjocks. Hilda enthusiastically contributes to a children's camp, wherein she teaches kids aged 10 to 14 years old the key fundamentals of dog training through a hands-on Junior Dog Handler Camp program at Pawsitively Pets Summer Camp. In addition to attending several diverse training workshops and conferences, Hilda holds a certificate in Pet First Aid. Hilda conducts private lessons and is a trainer at our Ajax location.

Lynda Kitson

In 2018, Lynda Kitson became the new owner of Who’s Walking Who. Lynda came from the corporate world, but holds the same philosophy as Gillian Ridgeway, when it comes to dog training. Lynda has been involved with dogs all her life. She came to classes at Who’s Walking Who back in 2006, showed her skill as a trainer and came on board as an Assistant. She later became an Instructor and developed our Musical Freestyle courses.

Lynda teaches many of our specialty classes and is a Certified Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Instructor and founded K9 Compass in 2012 through which she conducts Pet First Aid courses in Ajax, Burlington, Guelph, Lindsay and Mississauga. She is also an active volunteer with Golden Rescue, and her dogs have performed with the Woofjocks Canine All Stars.

Lynda lives with her husband and 3 Golden Retrievers – Molly, Augie (a rescue) and Star.

Jason Rennick

Jason joined the staff of Who’s Walking Who in January 2003. He and his Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Kelsey, made quite an impression. Jason got Kelsey as an adult in July 2002. His training ability and enthusiasm, along with his willingness to learn stood out with the staff and soon he was on board. In the spring of 2013 Kelsey passed away and now Jason is waiting for that right dog to rescue to bring into his household to continue his love of training. Jason works for the Town of Ajax in the Operations and Environmental Services Department looking after grounds maintenance and sports fields. He spends his off-hours enjoying Hockey, Lacrosse and Golf. He also volunteers with the Ontario Volunteer Emergency Response Team a search and rescue team based in Durham Region. He shares his life with his wife Karen, their son Jakson and their newest editions, the foster cats Remmy and Tucker.

Amanda Milner

Amanda rescued Jake, a terrier mix, from a shelter in 2000 and enrolled him into training classes. Very quickly her love and passion for dog training grew. Once she completed her classes, she started to assist and hasn't looked back. Amanda joined the WWW team in 2008 as an assistant trainer, and can now be found teaching and assisting in classes.
Amanda has a natural affinity for dogs, and can often bring them out of their shell. After losing her beloved Jake, she once again took in shelter pup, Pip, a husky cross. His puppy antics brought a new light to her life, as well as giving her a more personal understanding of the issues that come along with a puppy.

Amanda is also part of our office staff, and can be often found sitting on the computer, with her much loved Pip at her feet.
Pip is a truly versatile dog and is a keen student. Along with an advanced level of obedience, he has taken Tricks, Musical Freestyle, Scent Discrimination, Flyball, Agility and Disc. He is often seen in local Christmas parades, pulling a cart along with his Bernese Mountain Dog friends, but his favourite game is still to chase and retrieve a ball. Amanda is active in our community, as a volunteer with the Town of Ajax. She enjoys travel, gardening, yoga and outdoor activities, no matter the weather. She is enthusiastic and loves to see the bond that builds between dogs and their people throughout their training journey.

Jennifer Cresswell

Jen joined Who's Walking Who in 2010 when she was looking for new things to try with her first dog, Missy. Together they found agility, and have never looked back! Missy, the Havanese, joined Jen's family in 2007, followed by Holly in 2010, Master Chief in 2014, and for a complete change of pace, her newest addition, River, an Australian Shepherd joined her Havanese siblings in 2017. All of her dogs play agility, and Missy and Chief have competed at the Agility Association of Canada's Regional/Provincial competitions, and expect to compete at the Nationals in 2018. Missy has earned her agility Gold Standard Title and Gold Award of Merit, as well as her Silver Versatility Award, and placed 7th at the 2016 AAC Nationals. Master Chief is just getting started on his agility career, but is already at the Masters level, and also earned his Excellent title in Rally-O.

In real life, Jen is a high school Music Teacher, and when she isn't performing with her bands, she can be found performing with the "Woofjocks Canine All Stars" at various events, attending dog competitions, seminars, or dog training sessions almost every weekend.

Teri Byrne

Teri has been with Who's Walking Who since day one. Working in the office in the early years and now helping remotely from Ireland! The power of the internet means that Teri is able to continue with her administrative duties from over seas.
Teri shares her home with her 2 cats...Gabby and Amber. They are the apple of her eye and are loving the Irish life. [Back to top]